Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Why does science matter to a democratic society Essay

Why does science matter to a democratic society - Essay Example Firstly, this form of punishment is a protective measure. For the safety of the inmates and other people in the facility, there is need to isolate people who are a threat to human life. Therefore, when a person is isolated from other inmates, the inmates’ safety is not jeopardized. Similarly, some inmates tend to have a conflict with a single inmate. This may be due to personal grudges and misunderstanding. Therefore, for the safety of such a person, solitary confinement is a prudent approach. Secondly, this type of punishment is used to limit any illegal or criminal activities. For instance, some inmates have communication avenues whilst in the prison. This communication is crucial as it facilitates criminal activities inside the facility. In some bizarre cases, inmates facilitate criminal activities outside the facility. When the inmates are noted to facilitate such activities, they are isolated from the other inmates. Apparently, this is a prudent approach to the situation. As a fact, the other inmates will not be coerced into joining the criminal gangs. Thirdly, solitary confinement is effective when the people in control are on a suicide watch. It is noted that some people exhibit suicidal behavior. For instance, Evan shot himself twice while on probation (Zennie 1). Similarly, the inmate can commit murder before committing suicide. To substantiate such behavior, the inmate is isolated from the other inmates. This may save the life of the inmate, as there will be a closer focus. Though some people are in support of solitary confinement, some people find it inappropriate. For instance, in the Daily Mail article, there are allegations that solitary confinement may have affected the behavior of attorney’s son. First, it is stated that people need a social life. This is where people interact with others, make friends,

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