Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Which Disney cartoon works best as a musical and why Essay

Which Disney cartoon works best as a musical and why - Essay Example Cartoons inspire not only youngsters but also adults because of their eye-catching and entertainment giving quality. Many such cartoon movies are made historically that are quite inspiring for the viewers and Disney can be categorized as the most influential production company for making quality cartoon movies for the viewers. Walt Disney has created many such cartoon movies that have taken fairy tales as their stories. The cartoon movies, which take inspiration from fairy tales and use that content, are very liked because of their dream like qualities. In addition to the dream like quality, the cartoon movies also make use of songs that are quite stimulating for the audience. Walt Disney has produced many musical cartoon movies, which has gained appreciation from audience on the basis of their quality production and musical songs. Sleeping Beauty is one such musical cartoon movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures, which contains all the qualities of being the best among many other ca rtoon movies. According to my opinion, Sleeping Beauty is the best Disney cartoon movie and works best as a musical. In this paper, the cartoon movie Sleeping Beauty will be analyzed as to why it works as the best musical movie.

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