Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What role does sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) play in wars, Essay

What role does sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) play in wars, and how can peace processes best respond to it - Essay Example Therefore, it is sexual contacts without individuals consent to torture that involves the genitalia (ICRC, 2013). A couple of elements make some people more vulnerable to sexual violence than others. Gender, age and situation posed upon the victims, are some of these factors. Women have been found more vulnerable than men possibly due to their physicality and elements like biased cultures that exploit their vulnerability. Men and boys have been found vulnerable to the events of detention and seclusion. Sexual and gender-based violence comes with severe implications during and post the particular acts. Victims are physically harmed, are traumatized psychologically, and sustain sexually transmitted infections, and such scenarios result in death in some incidences. The survivors deal with stigmatization in the society and may experience rejection. Sexual and gender-based violence have been found to play a key role during wars in many parts of the society. There are established peace pro cesses to address it. The world has witnessed combatants commit these injustices to vulnerable victims during armed conflict. Such incidences have been documented in the world featuring those in Syria, Rwanda, DRC Congo, Cambodia, Haiti, Bangladesh and many other places. Therefore, we can identify the role of these acts in wars and understand how well to address them. Media houses have reported massive rape crisis in Syria, an element that has illuminated the role of sexual violence during armed conflicts. The government forces in Syria have been documented as using rape as one of their military tactics to handle those communities that are affiliated with the rebels (Kerry Crawford, 2014). The act would instill fear in such communities and thus chose to withdraw their loyalty towards the rebel. The government is taking advantage of their vulnerability to suit its needs and agenda. The deeds are degrading to

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