Sunday, September 8, 2019

Current Business Process Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Current Business Process Summary - Essay Example The network configuration has two segments linked by a network bridge (Apollo Group, 2013). administration network set up. The company uses an integrated method to satisfy their network requirement (Apollo Group, 2013). The network configuration is 1000BaseT and every department applies on different standard. For instance, the radiology utilizes 1000 BaseF. On the general idea of the logical network configurations, it is revealed that the hospital utilizes 1000 BaseT applying CAT6 cable to wards, labs, emergency room, and pharmacy. The 1000Base permits existing copper line to be utilized instead of having to re-cable with optical fiber. The 1000BaseT utilizing CAT6 is linked to 1000baseF with single mode fiber by a structure bridge. It provides more cabling strategy to assist a support cable setting up that is inexpensive (Apollo Group, 2013). Company applies 1000BaseT since they already utilize CAT-S wiring so 1000BaseT can be enforced easily. According to network work experts such as Healey (Tyler, 2007), 1000Base-T is intended to function over 4-pair UTP data cable. The 1000baseF is a 1000-Mbps bundle specification for Ethernet interconnection over optical fibers. The Hospital also utilize backbone network configuration of 1000 BaseT. The business process of the company is to expand and the network overview above gives bit the chance to implement such expansion. FPCH is currently opting to expand its functions and is faced with three choices: going communal through an IPO, acquisition or merging with a different hospital. In order for this health facility to make the best choices, the management must compare and contrast the diverse strategies by considering the subsequent: strengths and weaknesses, threats, opportunities and effects of globalization. The strength and opportunity that has been revealed in this paper is the present network capability that gives them advantage and also provides opportunities for

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