Friday, September 13, 2019

GMO products Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

GMO products - Essay Example The engineering involves either adding a gene or genes to the plant’s genome or removal of the genes. (Freedman, 2009).  The methods used include gene guns, microinjection, electroparaton and agrobacterium. There are advanced methods that are more convenient which are the Crispr and Talen techniques. (Halford, 2006).   The gene guns technique uses radiations that are target the genes into a cell of a plant. The new DNA is combined to very small particles of tungsten or gold which are then shot into the target plant tissue or cell and all this is subjected to high pressures. The particles enter the cell membranes/cell wall and the DNA enters into the nucleus by detaching itself from the metal. This method has been used mainly in the production of maize and corn. The agrobacterium method uses the agrobacteria-organisms that are parasitic in nature and have the ability to transfer genes. They insert their genetic materials in a plant to create a convenient environment for themselves. This organisms are used in genetically engineering by removing their DNA and replacing it with the intended gene, allowing the transfer of the gene into plants. This method has been commonly used to produce tomatoes and potatoes. The electroparation is mainly used in plants whose cells do not contain a cell wall. Here, electric pulses cause the DNA to be put into the target plant cell through pores. Microinjection involves directly injecting a gene into the target plant’s DNA. The most common food alterations is concentrated mainly in cash crops that have high demand for example, soybean, corn and canola seeds. They are altered to make them resistant to diseases and to tolerate herbicides improving their quality. There are three types of modifications:- the transgenic method that involves the transfer of genes from one plant to another or from a bacterium to a plant. These plants are used to make or process proteins that help in making the plant tolerant and

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