Monday, September 16, 2019

Ernst Junger and Audie Murphy Heroes of War Essay

Not many people are vested with such courage shown by the two men whom the title of this paper belong. Both men had exemplary displayed extremely great courage that was perhaps slightly short of suicidal attack. Without discounting their heroism, one cannot rest his mind without asking how these people could bravely defy the dangers of death through a daring exploit of the dangers itself. Courage that is inside them is what makes them brave enough to overcome the fears of the dangers and death. It is the courage that yields a man honors yet it will only prove when it is confronted by a particular kind of risk and emerge victorious in that situation. The many particular risk that both men had confronted and had successfully subdued, proves they are indeed men of great courage. Junger and Murphy may have served in the military in the same capacity, and in equally dangerous battlefield but of the opposing sides. They are equally courageous and possessed extra ordinary skills that put them distinct from the others, as evidenced by their war medals. However, there is an obvious difference between their personal backgrounds. Junger was highly educated, born, and grew up in a better family condition. Murphy on the other hand, had but all painful life experiences. His parents died while he was still young with twelve siblings. He grew up under difficult condition and had no proper education. This difference obviously influenced their military manner, Junger sees his accomplishment as an opportunity for advancement, while Murphy sees his accomplishment as merely his duty as a military. He considered his service to military as a family and was willing let opportunity for advancement pass him. Examples of Junger’s accomplishment that clearly reflect his organized out looked in to the future are as follows. First, he had served the German army with distinction. He was indeed a multi-awarded soldier. Second, He became officer of the army at a very young age of twenty-three; third, he became a writer after he was discharge from military service. His Storm of Steel seemed to glorify war although he did not justify nor extenuates the brutalities of war. Perhaps, the one thing that Murphy was very fortunate to have was, first, his extra-ordinary courage and ordinary qualities as a fighting infantryman. His enlistment in the US army proves to be successful as he was able to demonstrate his military skills in combat operations. Second, his military skills gave him numerous military awards and distinction above the others. He was even promoted to the rank of lieutenant despite his limited education and third, his loyalty to the military and his own company earned for him respect and admiration of others. Final Reflections These two men rose from their own ranks because of their courage, extra-ordinary skills and dedication to their duties. Two men of different backgrounds and belong to the opposing armies were able to build their own identities, developed their own outlook in life, and established their lives amidst the dangers of wars. Theirs is a lesson that though life is full of danger, full of opposing forces that affects us, and we are weak compared to these realities, yet they survived, and eventually succeed in life. This gives us hope of our own survival and success in what ever endeavor we are we are currently struggling.

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