Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Facebook Addictions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Facebook Addictions - Essay Example People socialize through facebook. They feel connected to the whole world on facebook. It is because of such a strategic design of facebook that hardly anyone would think of spending time on it as a waste of time. Facebook offers people an opportunity to search lost friends the easiest way. It has become more of a necessity than a fashion in the modern technological age and people have started to rely on it not only for casual gossips but also for important business information and business deals. â€Å"If you have a business contact who requests to be your Facebook friend, you’re probably in good shape with that particular contact.† (Treadaway and Smith, 2010). â€Å"Facebook, the popular networking site, has 350 million members worldwide who, collectively, spend 10 billion minutes there every day, checking in with friends, writing on people’s electronic walls, clicking through photos and generally keeping pace with the drift of their social world.† (Hafner, 2009). The addiction to Facebook is not normally viewed as an addiction although it contains all the aspects of addiction. Many lose themselves in it. They waste all their time on it because it interferes with their lives often times putting beside more important things such as good hygiene, paying bills. Children go to such limits that they even let it interfere with their work and school. People get so involved that when they do not have access or can not access Facebook they start to exhibit signs of withdrawal. The feeling arising as a result of such a withdrawal is not very different from that offered by social exclusion. Literature that refers to Facebook as an addiction is expanding beyond horizons. â€Å"It is a psychophysiological disorder involving tolerance; withdrawal symptoms; affective disturbances; and interruption of social relationships. The most common one is Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD).†

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