Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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My Philosophy on Classroom Discipline My philosophy regarding the best way to manage a classroom is through a model of ownership and preventative discipline. In order to accomplish this, the teacher needs to set the tone for the class during the first two weeks of school and never veer from it. During this time, the students will be made aware of my classroom rules as well as what I expect out of each of them on a daily basis. This will create an open atmosphere in which all members of the classroom are aware of their rights and responsibilities. When a child is given the responsibility to make his own decisions, he may not be ready to do it in an appropriate manner. A young adult (age 15-18), on the other hand, is much more willing and able to accept responsibility for himself. In other words, a young child generally needs more structure and guidance whereas a young adult yearns for the opportunity to be treated as an adult. It is very important for my classroom to be a place where individuals are comfortable expressing themselves verbally. I will make it clear to my students that the quality of their learning experience rests primarily on their shoulders. They will be responsible for reading the material, studying it, and synthesizing it regularly. My goal is to make my students want to do the work so that they can be involved in class discussions. I have no problem with trying to actively involve a student who is not participating. If he is not prepared, I will not ...

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