Monday, October 28, 2019

Training Corps Essay Example for Free

Training Corps Essay My plan is to create a recruitment leaflet for my local squadron of the Air Training Corps (ATC), 578 Langley Park Sqn. I will include a list of activities, a map of the local area, for easy finding, as well as any extra information, such as website, contact numbers, email addresses etc. I will choose to use a word processor over a desktop publisher as I find them easier to use and I do not need to add backgrounds and borders to it. Also I can make it form the layout of a leaflet better in a word processor. The word processor I shall use will be Microsoft Word as I have access to it at home and school. The most important thing is that I make it attractive to the target audience (13-14 year olds). To do this I will have to find out what sort of things, that link to the ATC, do the target audience like to see. The hardware used will include an inkjet colour printer, to print in colour, scanner, to scan pictures in, and a digital camera, to take pictures to place in Analyse I have spoken to the Commanding officer and he wishes to have a leaflet made so that extra cadets could be recruited. The leaflet should be easy to understand and be found attractive to the target audience of 13-14 year olds of either sex. The information I require will be a map of the local area for the audience to locate the squadron, as well as contact telephone numbers, email addresses, and also the squadron website. To work out the most attractive type of leaflet I shall create short questionnaires for people of the target age group to answer in order to help me decide on the layout. When the leaflet is then completed it must be decided how they may be distributed among the general public. System Flowchart Design To produce my leaflet I first needed to decide the word processor that I would use. I decided to use Microsoft Word 2000 as I have access to it at home as well as at school. I decided not to use a DTP wizard such as Microsoft Publisher as I do not have easy access to them. I designed my leaflet so that it could be folded up into six sections. To do this I used the columns button at the top of the page to separate each side into three columns (Image1). Then I began gathering pictures off the internet to use in my project. The pictures I consider to be most important too the target audience are the maps (Images 2,3), which were downloaded from www. multimap. com. (Images 2,3) The front cover (Image 4) was made by layering different images from the air cadet website and adding the letters for 578sqn to be placed on the front cover over the rest of the pictures. I was able to do this by using Paint Shop Pro. (Image 4) (Image 5) For the activities section I used Word Art to create the title (Image 5) and used pictures downloaded from the squadron website to show the activities (Images 6,7,and 8). (Image 6) (Image 7) (Image 8) For the Duke of Edinborough Award section I took pictures from the official website. These included the title, different awards, and an image of an expedition (Images 9,10,and 11). (Image 9) (Image 10) (Image 11) Using Word Art, I created the title for the sport section (Image 12), which contains a list of sports in which the Air Training Corps take part. (Image 12) The final section on the Air Training Corps gives a brief summary of what the ATC is all about and gives information such as age limitations. Other information given in the leaflet include the time and days that the squadron parades and its address. Front Back Implement I had to change several things on my leaflet before I came to my final design. For instance the leaflet did contain information on Royal Air Force Stations, and aircraft. However I decided against this as it breaks the Official Secret Acts of 1911 and 1989. Other changes were more basic such as changes in fonts, pictures, etc. The leaflet will be folded in the following way: Testing I showed the leaflet to the Commanding Officer of the squadron the leaflet was for and he liked the idea and thought it was well designed, however to use the leaflet it would have to be cleared with Kent Wing HQ which would have been a lengthy and ultimately pointless process. Conclusion I conclude that the leaflet would have been successful in bringing in new recruits from the local area if it had been allowed to be given out.

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