Friday, October 18, 2019

Qualititive method, focus group Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Qualititive method, focus group - Research Paper Example And help researchers of any field or company to get an insight of human attitudes (Kitzinger, 1995). Researchers have found that the investigation made in this method, is unique from other research methods, as the question asked are not technical but conceptual. This allows an individual to put forward one’s concept and contribute equally in the research (Devers, 1999, p.1155-1156). The focus group research method is one of the types of the qualitative method which has gained significant popularity in the new businesses, helping them collect data about their company’s standards and internal issues more effectively (Gibbs, 1997, p.5-7). A simple definition of a focus group method given by David L. Morgan (1996) states that the focus group tends to look into the concepts and believes, forming human attitudes and norms (Morgan, Focus Groups, 1996, p .129). Unlike, the brainstorming method of researching, where everyone just raise their point, the focus group centers around one main topic and encourages people to give their responses on that topic. The group of people is chosen such that they do not differ from each other much, in their status, class or education, so they can be open in sharing their knowledge and experiences (Packer, Race, & Hotch, 1994, p.1-3). The focus group method has benefited largely in the field of academic literature, making easier for researchers and writers to get an insight of one’s life. Often a simple questionnaire is design to give an idea about the objective of the research to the participants. And to dilute a complicated topic, to make the participants comprehend and respond easily (Gibbs, 1997, p.5-7). Initially, this method was used in the field of social sciences, as a tool to define human attitudes and psyche, but by the passage of time it earned vast acceptance in the field of medical research. The reason lies in the flexibility of the method, in dealing with any kind of issue equally well

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