Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Germana and Germania Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Germana and Germania - Essay Example When related to American values I believe that both nations value punctuality, perhaps more than other nations. A second stereotype of Germans that I hold to be true is that the nation and its inhabitants are highly efficient. For example there is a strong emphasis that trains, subways and busses are on time. The vehicles that are produced in Germany such as Porches, BMW’s, Mercedes’, and Audi’s are all considered to be fuel efficient yet perform extremely well. The manufactured products in Germany are often considered to be of the highest quality, for example the expression â€Å"Made in Germany† usually carries with it more prestige than products produced in developing nations. I believe that Americans value efficiency highly however it can be argued that there are a number of inefficiencies in American society. For example the rail network in America is costly. Many American cars are not fuel efficient yet I believe the expression â€Å"Made in the USA † still carries a lot of strength. A final stereotype of Germans that I highly value is that they are often considered very direct, or blunt in the way they speak. In business situations it may be best to simply receive somebody’s honest opinion (Even if the information is hard to accept).

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