Friday, October 11, 2019

Motivation Theories Essay

The motivation theory that I am in most agreement with would be the Diversity view point. We as humans are motivated by a variety of different things; every individual is unique and has different goals, purposes, perspectives and ways of life for one another. This means that one person’s drive for victory and success will be different from another. The Diversity view makes me believe that it is impossible for individuals to have a small set of basic motivations and needs within their human behavior and experiences. Diversity puts into clear view that everyone has and faces different motivations, drives, needs, goals, perspectives, and purposes for what they want out of life. In modern day people live their life and are determined to better their future from their past. This means that the past that I have already lived is what created the path, walkway, stepping stones for who I want to become in the future and, what I plan on accomplishing in life. I live for this belief beca use it is the reason why I do what I am doing today. The plan that I thought I was destined to take three days ago might have been altered today, and I might have to found a new path to follow. As an adult me and everyone else remembers their childhood this is part of life that cannot be avoided. Later in life when we become parents we might or might not incorporate how we were treated and acted as children into our parenting skills. Often we will use our past experiences to set example to our child why they should or should not do something. This is so that we can teach them the right thing to do in certain situations. As we live our daily lives one day at a time, we tent to piece together our memories of events in our past and develop thoughts of what is soon to come in our future. After discussing Diversity my most agreed motivation theory we get to my least agreed one which is Psychoanalytical. I cannot find a single thing on this motivation theory that I agree with. I believe us as humans are the cause of our own actions, and we should be held at fault for them. I believe individuals have to seize control of their life taking responsibility for their actions. Every action that takes place because of human behavior cannot be determined and know by something we have no control over. We as humans do as we please with developed human behavior because we have no boundaries to stop us (realistic). We are in control of our own life and create our own fate (future). We as individuals chose what we want out of life, and how we will obtain it. There are however  unavoidable twist of fates that are created due to another person like murder, car accidents, plane crashes, and exedra. The final claim of my disagreement is we as humans are greedy never satisfied with what we have in life, we always want more. That is what either makes us or breaks us in life thus creating who we are and for what purpose we are that person for.

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