Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Leadership and management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Leadership and management - Essay Example Besides, the entire program should be tailored to be child-centered since they should be the main focus on the teaching and learning process. However, in order to achieve this, there should be an effective integration of early childhood education. This paper focuses on the role of integration as an important aspect of early childhood education. It is quite reflective, dynamic, inclusive and progressive to be adopted in the contemporary society (Gasper, M., 2009). The term integration, as used in the context of education, refers to the process of building collaborations and combining resources across the social, health, and educational in order to promote the wellbeing of learners. With the increasing demand for education, there need to be measures to ensure that different professionals involved in education provision should work as a team (Aubrey, C., 2011). Since schools act as agents of socialization in the society, they should be properly used to help in preparing children who can adequately comfortably be accommodated and be fruitful to the society upon a successful completion of their studies. However, in order to ensure that children are holistically prepared for this life, measures should be taken right from their time in the pre-school (Whalley, M.E., 2011). Therefore, there is a need to integrate the teaching and learning process. Meaning, all the stakeholders should be ready to collaboratively work as a team. If this happens, it will be easier for them to help their children to be adequately prepared in all spheres of life. As a matter of fact, education should be treated as a whole (Aubrey, C., 2011). When children are introduced to the appropriate social, religious and cultural aspects of their society, they will learn to understand and appreciate them from such a tender age. Therefore, they will eventually become informed people who have the right information about the dynamics of their society (Cleaver, H. et al., 2007). In this

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