Friday, November 1, 2019

Walmart Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Walmart - Research Paper Example Walmart stands distinguished among the crowd of aspiring organizations because the managers vigorously and regularly collaborate with employees to improve the policies and gain more customers. This proves that organizational designs which integrate such effective tools improve service behaviors of the employees and make them invest extra time, hard work, and brainwork in the functions they perform. Such motivated style service delivery inflicts a very different and fresh influence on the customers also. Apart from organizational design, the organizational culture of Walmart fully acknowledges the importance of both positive organizational behavior and diversity as a way of winning loyalty of more customers from diverse background. All such aspects of Walmart’s management will be analyzed in this research paper and will also be compared with the service practices of other large retail stores to find out how Walmart corporation manages to stand out of the crowd. Introduction: Wa l-Mart Stores, Inc. or simply Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation which runs a large chain of department stores around the world. The success of this renowned business corporation is such that Fortune 500 has revealed it to be the world’s third largest public corporation. As one of the world’s most prestigious companies, currently over two million employees are privately employed at Walmart. It is also the largest grocery retailer in the US. There are already 8500 stores operating in as many as 15 countries under different names and the head of Walmart has thrown light on more plans for growth on an international level. While addressing the Wake Forest University students recently, Mike Duke who is the president and CEO of Walmart claimed that in order to face the fierce competitiveness in the present global economy and to stay ahead of the other reputable national and international organizations, Walmart will have to speed up its growth process. In the same address, Duke announced plans to conquer Africa also â€Å"by making a preliminary offer to buy Massmart Holdings Ltd† (Daniel). This paper aims at reviewing literature as a way of finding out what it has to say on the success of Walmart and what management strategies are employed by the management of this corporation to satisfy the needs of both employees and customers. Role of innovation in sustaining business success and growth: The growth of the international Walmart business outside the US is described by Duke as absolutely phenomenal and accelerated in context of building new department stores and serving dynamic needs of a diverse line of customers (Daniel). It is claimed by the Walmart organization itself that innovative leadership, concerned management, and a deep commitment to save public’s money have together given this business a global reputation due to which it is still in

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